Services What we do

RPSS offers a comprehensive portfolio of installation, training, technical support and maintenance services to support the communications investment of 9-1-1 Districts and provides flexible solutions to address nearly any communications challenge. These services are backed by RPSS’ reputation for quality and are supported by a highly trained and certified team of technicians committed to providing the support.

Product and Service offerings

Solution Design
Through relationships with industry leading manufacturers, RPSS can design a solution for nearly any 9-1-1 communication challenge.
Project Management
Project planning and execution is directed by the RPSS Project Manager from start to finish to ensure successful completion on schedule.
With factory trained and certified technicians, RPSS performs configuration and installation services; no subcontractors.

Product Training
In-house training staff to provide the knowledge and skill required to maximize the features and benefit of the installed solution.
Preventative Maintenance
On-Site quarterly preventative maintenance will be performed to reduce unplanned downtime and optimize stability with scheduled assessments.
24/7 Support
The system support line is answered by our certified technical staff, not an automated service, expediting the issue diagnostic process and resolution.

System Monitoring
Remote alarm monitoring will be configured and if the system should reach an alarm state, an email alert will be sent to the RPSS support staff.
Application Software Updates
Installation of system patches and software updates as made available from the manufacturer.